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On October 26th thousands of you gathered on the steps of the capitol and sent a clear message to Congress: Stop Watching Us.

Stay involved: Message "Privacy" to 877877 using mobile SMS and we'll get in touch when it's time for action again.

Get on a bus, or find a rideshare

Published: 11 Oct 2013

On Oct. 26, thousands of people — including you — will descend on Washington, D.C., to tell Congress to stop the NSA’s unconstitutional mass surveillance.

This event is going to be huge. We’ve arranged for buses to take activists straight from several major cities. You can find a full list of departing buses here.

And in case we don't have a bus leaving from your area, we've also set up a portal where attendees can post and join carpools. Click on over and offer a seat to a fellow privacy activist.

In the face of the government shutdown it’s easy to feel that we can’t achieve progress on any issue. But as this rally will show, the fight to protect our privacy continues to unite people across party lines, and victory is within our reach.